Welcome to LadderAssist.com!

At Ladderassist.com we serve the needs of insurance adjusters and insurance companies by providing "ladder assists" and any accompanying documention to both independent and staff insurance adjusters. 

Ladderassist.com makes finding a competent, professional, unbiased company to help with insurance claims "ladder assists" a mouse click away.  We are a ladder assist company ONLY and are not affiliated with the roofing industry in any way!  So instead of having a biased opinon of a roofer to assist in inspections for adjusters, we provide a completely unbiased, educated, factual based assessment of the condition of the roof.  Extensive experience and training in safe and accurate roof inspection as well as damage(or lack thereof) documentation will be used to make your job easier and your reports back to the assigning insurance company complete and professional.  Our goal in this business is to represent ourselves as well as your adjusting service in the most professional and positive light possible so that once you use us once, we will be your first choice for ladder assistance every time.  Our assistants will arrive in lettered vehicles, clean company shirts, and will be sharp, prompt, and professional at all times.

All you have to do is remember, when you need a ladder assist, your need is the name or of our business, and our business name is our website and then you're just a click away from excellent service from Ladderassist.com!